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Circulating hydraulic and transformer oil systems

The leader in on-site oil purification and filtration and Vacuum Dehydration. Our mobile units are designed to connect directly to equipment and/or reservoir – cleaning and restoring oil while keeping your equipment operational.

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Industries We Serve:

  1. Steel Mills

  2. Metal Extruders

  3. Plastic Injections

  4. Refinery

  5. Heat Transfer Systems

  6. Utility Companies

  7. Power Gen Peaking Plant

  8. Power Sub Station

  9. Solar Farms

Southwest Rolled Steel Facility Case Study

Southwest Rolled Steel Facility Case Study

Multiple industrial pad mount transformer vacuum processing and degassing throughout a large rolled steel facility in the Southwest. IORC crews worked within facility planned maintenance cycle under tight production deadlines to complete the work.

Power Plant Turbine Oil Filtration and Reservoir Cleaning Case Study

Power Plant Turbine Oil Filtration and Reservoir Cleaning Case Study

IORC was contracted for a time-sensitive project that required filtering 5,000 gallons of high quality Turbine Oil that was contaminated with water due to a heat exchanger leak in the hydraulic system of a major power plant. The space was difficult to access so IORC devised an approach utilizing one of our stainless steel portable holding tanks to help up isolate and clean the product, while simultaneously cleaning out the reservoir. IORC was able to deliver in half the time required.

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