Industrial Oil Recovery Company has provided industrial oil filtration and cleaning services to the Western United States for 30+ years. The company specializes in the Industrial and Energy Sectors while maintaining a fleet of high-end oil filtration and cleaning equipment and highly-skilled personnel.

Our Story

IORC was found in 1982 as T&T Lubricants Company specifically to service the Kerr McGee Chemical Corp. (Division of DuPont) in Trona, CA. At the time, industrial oil filtration services was T&T Lubricants only focus and the beginnings of our company was established. By the mid-90’s, a time of unstable markets and rising costs saw lubricating oil become more and more expensive while the industry itself looked to control and/or cut costs of operations due to the overall business climate. In 1997, T&T Lubricants Company was sold and the name was changed to Industrial Oil Recovery Company.

Industrial Oil Recovery Company (IORC) expanded its business base and positioned its services as an environmentally-aware and cost-savings alternative service provider for industries focused in Industrial, Energy and Mining Trades. This helped to mitigate the rising costs of new oils and waste (used oils) disposal in the Western United States. In 2003, IORC was acquired by its current ownership team which brought many years of direct industry experience in the Industrial & Power Plant services and a bold vision of what IORC should become in its next 25 years of existence.

IORC has now positioned itself as an industry-leader in maintenance, OEM & initial fill, lubrication, oil filtration and fluid handling, and emergency contaminant removal services — solving some of the largest and most complex problems on-site. IORC is committed to excellence within every aspect of our business and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your organization.

IORC Management

Industrial Oil Recovery Company