Project 1: Northern California Power Plant

A Power Plant located in Northern California needed IORC’s expertise in High Vacuum Processing for a large GSU transformer. IORC added oil to top off the unit upon completion of repairs.

Project 2: Southwest Rolled Steel Facility

This project was a multiple industrial pad mount transformer vacuum processing and degassing throughout a large rolled steel facility in the Southwest. IORC crews worked within facility planned maintenance cycle under tight production deadlines to complete the work.

Project 3: Portable Units

IORC has portable processing units available throughout the Western US.

Project 4: Power Plant Turbine Oil Filtration and Reservoir Cleaning

IORC was contracted to filter 5,000 gallons of high quality Turbine Oil that was contaminated with water due to a heat exchanger leak in the hydraulic system of a major power plant. Since the space was difficult to access, IORC devised an approach utilizing one of our stainless steel portable holding tanks to help up isolate and clean the product while we cleaned out the reservoir simultaneously. This project was time sensitive and IORC was successful in completing the project in half the time required by our customer.

Project 5: Emergency Oil Spill Cleanup and Oil Salvaging Project

A major Power Plant experienced a Hydraulic Reservoir spill. The product was captured in burmed containment area. IORC was called for an emergency spill response and to determine clean-ability of the turbine oil. IORC was able to filter contained oil to meet industry OEM cleanliness specifications and cleaned up the containment area along with the general site. The customer saved on purchasing new oils and IORC mitigated the cost of waste oil and transportation cost.

Project 6: Major Power Plant Outage and Turn Around Project

IORC was contracted for emergency multiple tank reservoir cleaning and turbine oil filtration with a plant that experienced unscheduled down time. Our crew worked on site around the clock under the direction of facilities manager until project was complete. We provided backup and stand by emergency filtration equipment for a period of 6 weeks until facilities were up and running to full capacity.


Project 7: Major Oil Pumping Station Service

IORC was contracted to work with a major pipeline operator with one of its pumping stations. IORC crew members cleaned out water contaminated crank case oils. Our challenge was to minimize pipeline downtime while filtering the water out of the oil to predetermined field specifications.

Project 8: Oil Field Knock Out Tank

IORC was contract to clean out a very large knock out vessel. Confined Space Entry skills were needed with full face breathing apparatus was needed to get the job done safely. This project was completed under budget and on time.

Project 9: Oil Rig Site Drilling Mud Tank Cleanup and Site Cleanup

IORC’s expertise was needed to clean up an oil drill site. We used our Confined Space Entry skills with full face breathing apparatus to get the job done safely. IORC cleaned up all holding, mixing and drilling mud tanks to cleanliness specs that were needed in order to remove tank back and return to the tank leasing company. IORC also conducted general equipment and site cleanup for client to ensure the equipment and site were clean of all material generated by drilling rig set up and tear down. We have gained the reputation for working hand in hand within the oil drilling community by being ready for the call to action.

Project 10: Tank Farm Cleaning and Demolition

IORC was called into a highly visible and complicated tank farm decommissioning project in Orange County, California. The scope of the project was to clean out all crude collector tanks (10 AST’s & UST combined) and associated pipes to marine quality pass grade for higher metal scrap value and to demolition tank farm to ready grading of land for future home site. IORC worked along side several firms and agencies to insure the most efficient and safest environment existed while work was in force.

Project 11: Oil Field Knock Out Tank

A customer approached IORC when confined space entry skills were paramount. The project was to clean out crude sediment and bottoms from one of the “free water knock out tanks” located in the oil patch in California. We were informed that the last vendor could not and would not handle due to the danger of volatile gases. IORC’s experience in refinery and oil fields paved the way for us to help our client get the job done in a timely and safe manner. This project was done under budget and within specified time frames. We have now earned the position of a primary tank cleaning firm with this client.