Emergency Contaminant Removal

When your reservoir experiences a sudden ingression of water or other contaminants into your lubricant system, the production and the longevity of your equipment is at significant risk. “Normal or Standard” filtration elements are not designed to keep up with cleanliness levels in a system that has been invaded, especially if the contaminant is water. Industrial Oil Recovery Corporation has over 30 years of experience serving industry and has the equipment to get a quick handle on these untimely problems.

To prevent any unscheduled costly downtime in production let IORC arrive on-site and immediately begin to remove the contaminants (Emergency Contaminant Removal), get ahead of the problem and minimize component damage quickly. All IORC processes can be done without shutting down customer equipment.

On-site Services Provided by IORC Experts

  • Work with facility personnel and coordinate the appropriate response based on years of experience
  • Assist to determine the root cause of contamination and develop a solution to benefit our customer

IORC Trained Technicians On-site

  • Clean and purify oil to meet OEM specifications
  • Side-Stream facility equipment while operating to insure zero loss of production
  • Provide a “Job Report” upon completion showing detailed steps performed and beginning and ending samples showing cleanliness levels attained Mobile On-Site Laser Particulate Counter

IORC Bottom Line Benefits

  • No Costly Downtime = Revenue improvement
  • Reduction of exposure to environmental regulations
  • On-site testing “before” and “after” samples to verify your specifications

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