Oil Filtration & Fluid Handling

IORC currently operates several High and Low Vacuum Dehydrators, Filtration Skids, portable tanks for storage, oil sampling and testing services. We offer these services both in the field and using our QC laboratory located in Southern California and are able to operate effectively throughout the Western U.S.

Our state-of-the-art High Vacuum systems are designed to efficiently remove dissolved moisture and gases from transformer insulating oil down to 10 PPM or lower, and the high-efficiency pleated microglass filter elements will remove particulate contamination down to 1-Micron or lower if required. In addition, we can pull deep vacuum on empty transformers to remove moisture from the paper windings. A large Multi-Element Vessel (MEV) stacked with Fuller’s Earth cartridges can also be included. Our systems are equipped with a 2-stage vacuum pump (Roughing and Booster) capable of operating down to 0.5 Torr vacuum. They also have a 120kW multi-circuit, programmable oil circulation heater for high heating capacity and optimal water/gas removal efficiencies.

Typical performance for our system in single pass is as follows:

  • Dielectric Strength:

    Achieve Dielectric Breakdown Voltage of 40kV Minimum Per ASTM D-877 or 50 kV Minimum per ASTM D-1816

  • Dehydration:

    At minimum oil temperature of 80 °C (176 °F), the water removal is from 50 PPM to 10 PPM or lower.

  • Degasification:

    Soluble air content in a single pass from full saturation of approximately 11% to less than 0.05% Other gasses in solution with oil, including combustibles, are also removed.

  • Particulate Matter:

    1-micron and larger sized particles are removed in a single pass with absolute rated pleated micro glass filter elements (1-Micron rated Beta>200 per ISO 4572).

Transformer field repairs and testing are done through joint ventures with our partners. Oil testing is done using SFS corporate QC laboratory or field laboratory, adding additional flexibility for our customers.

Additional Services Offered

  • Regasketing
  • Oil sampling and testing
  • Engineering services
  • Call for other requests

IORC Bottom Line Benefits

  • Increased equipment reliability due to timely maintenance and cleaning program
  • Reduction of exposure to environmental regulations
  • Protection against premature component wear and unscheduled downtime
  • On-site testing “before” and “after” samples to verify your specifications

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