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Existing facilities or new equipment installations can introduce unwanted contaminants into the lube oil system and reservoirs. New construction and existing equipment overhauls will leave particulate matter in the lube oil system and related piping. When this type of contamination is left unchecked, it can and will lead to severe wear when the machinery is put into service.

An added factor that cannot be overlooked is the addition of “fresh oil” into the circulating lube system. Whether the lube system is completely filled, refilled or replacing lost oil in the reservoir, the inevitable handling of the “fresh oil” prior to being introduced into the system will cause the fluid to not meet the Original Equipment Manufacturers “oil cleanliness” specifications. Industrial Oil Recovery Company’s initial fill program will work to provide piece-of-mind at start-up.

On-Site OEM Services Provided

  • Establish OEM cleanliness specifications and MEET THEM!
  • Provide documentation of cleanliness level met
  • Work closely with facility personnel

IORC Trained Technicians

  • Arrive in conjunction with lubricant / oil delivery
  • Test “fresh oil” to establish beginning cleanliness levels
  • Purify the lubricant / oil prior to filling reservoir

IORC Bottom Line Benefits

  • Assurance that the oil in the system complies with OEM requirements
  • Increased equipment reliability
  • Protection against premature component wear and unscheduled downtime
  • Job report showing “on-site” testing of beginning and ending samples to verify cleanliness levels met

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